Much ado about poo

So tonight this photograph popped up on my facebook feed.  shittens.jpg

I have a really childish sense of humour, a perfectly timed fart is as funny as any of the worlds best comedians in our house.  So these tickled me.

One of the often unmeantionables with some autistic children is poo smearing. It does exactly what it says on the tin.  Nowhere is safe TV’s, wallpaper, themselves, their siblings.  We have been really lucky that Reilly has only dabbled in this in the past and then moved on really swiftly and i’m praying it doesn’t return.

Imagine getting them ready for school, transport due in 20 minutes you’re on time.  He’s still wearing clothes he’s even got his shoes on, result!  You nip into the kitchen to sort his bag out for today.  Then you catch the faint smell of it first, a bit like the bisto kids but not nearly as pleasant.  You drop everything and search frantically, on this occasion he was standing at the top of the stairs still in his uniform but with an extra colour addition to his green jumper.  There was a go faster stripe on the staircase wall from the bottom to top.  Uniform off, shower on for a scrub, new uniform on and still out the door at 8.25.  On his occasion he’d just rummaged about and got it. Then onto the aftermath of cleaning walls, carpets, clothes etc.

Our days are ruled by routine yet still so incredibly unpredictable.   I’m often moaned at for not answering my phone or being late so now you know not all families are sat at the breakfast table enjoying a coffee and a croisant contemplating the day ahead.  They are sometimes up-to their elbows in it.

Is it sensory? Is it behavioural?  Luckily we’ve not had too much experience with it.  What we were advised to do was give him thing that have a similar feel, squash a banana, play doh etc and let him handle it and fulfill that need with something not as gruesome.

Denying access is also useful if they are bed time smearers a onesie on backwards will stop (maybe not Reilly is  like houdini) access to a nappy.   We just have to be fast and just get it out of there within seconds.

This post was intended to be humorous but it really isn’t a laughing matter when faced with this on a daily basis and my heart goes out to all of you who deal with it everyday.

Now the next photo has had a filter added just in-case you are eating your dinner.

 Is this good use of PECS, object matching or a fluke?  Baguette anyone?  You’ve got to laugh!!


Be kind to your special needs parent friends – so much shit to deal with, literally. xx


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Christine Stephenson

Really busy mam who runs her own charity, has 3 sons and learning about autism every day. Contact me at

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