The Life of Reilly by Alison Stanley


OK i’m excited! really really excited.  From what started as a blog for the autism awareness month in April we are nearly on 20k views from all over the world, some fantastic comments and lots of thank you’s for sharing what has become our very chaotic life with Reilly.

The Life of Reilly the play is happening!  Who wouldn’t want to see a play about an autistic adult looking back over his life with those quirky neuro-typicals (not  autistics).

The play will be based around The Life of Reilly our super cute, nearly 5 year old non verbal gerbil and as many of you will know from reading my prior posts there are laughs, there is heartbreak, there is despair but most importantly there is love.

I was extra excited when I found out yesterday that Reilly’s Dad will be played by the fabulous Glenn McCrory!  Obviously I knew who Glenn was but I didn’t know his story, I do now and I’m in awe.  I lost my brother too in 2003 and it leaves a black hole in your life that you teeter on the edge of everyday and try desperately not to be pulled in.  Anyone who overcomes and fights has my upmost respect because it’s hard!  Can’t wait to get cracking.

God I feel emotional!

Alison’s last play with her company The Red Diamond Theatre called  Bedsocks & Secrets all about dementia has received so much praise I know this will be a huge success.

Let’s keep autism at the forefront of the public eye, its  not going anywhere after all.

Tickets will be available to buy online soon.  You can register  interest for the play at or Red Diamond Theatre.

I hope you will all support us with The Life of Reilly and come along and see it.  I can guarantee a bittersweet experience and hopefully a new perspective on these awesome families struggling  every single day for acceptance.

Be kind as always you never know how much sleep they had last night.


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