Love needs no words just paws

How rude!  I put up a go fund me account for an autism service dog and then disappear for 24 hours!  Myself and Reilly have been KO’d by a sickness bug.  He’s better now and back at school but it still has me so my apologies.  This will explain his horrific behaviour of the last few days he just couldn’t tell us, breaks my heart!

As the blog approaches 40k views I feel confident that we may have made a difference in how others perceive autism but now I really need your help.  I am overwhelmed by the response to the fund so far not even 48 hours in and we are halfway there, I have had donations from all over the world, donations from people I have never met and donations from my oldest friends and I am truly grateful.

Why do we want a service dog for Reilly?

Basically I am terrified for his safety.  He bolts constantly, he’s a slippery as an eel and nearly impossible to keep hold of.  When he does runaway I have to carry him back as he will not walk and he’s getting so much bigger and heavier I really struggle.  Reilly will often act impulsively and has literally no fear of traffic etc. A service dog will keep him grounded/safe.  The dogs are trained to sit like an anchor if Reilly tries to flee.

One boy and his dog blog post was an incredible experience to watch the interaction between Reilly and his protector for the afternoon if anyone needs a reminder.

A service dog becomes a true companion who is always there for Reilly. Their  bond will help with self-esteem and many social situations that are currently very stressful for Reilly and us as a family.  I often cop out of some situations because I just don’t have the strength to deal with them.  I don’t want that.

With a service dog I see light at the end of the tunnel.  Some days when things are really bad like my last blog I cracked, I cried!. I can’t see it.  I wallow in a kind of self pitying state of oh my life is too hard I can’t even go to the shop for a loaf of bread because it will take 2 hours and Ill probably have to carry him back and I’m too tired etc etc.  The thoughts of having a service dog has given me a little bit of hope (god knows we all need some of that) that maybe we can cope and function better as a family with a furry friend in tow.

After reading up and doing some research I decided to give Carol & Niel a call from Appaws for Autism a charity based in Scotland to really understand how the whole process works.  After some long phone calls with them I am certain this is the best thing  we can do for Reilly.  He needs this.  We need this.

This video I have attached is so much like myself and Reilly. I cried watching it you probably will too but you can get a greater understanding of the comfort a service dog can bring.

If we reach the target I will blog every step of the way in hopes of helping others who need service dogs too.

If you can donate please do if you can’t no problem please share 🙂



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