The Life of Reilly and Pablo

Really excited! We had our home visit today by Niel from Appaws for Autism.  As you all know the crowdfunder I did was hugely successful and we raised the money in no time at all. Niel drove all the way down from Cowdenbeath in Scotland to check out our abode, I did tidy up a little bit but you know I figured if anyone understands how chaotic our house is it’s Appaws for Autism.

We talked about what happens next and that is we will go and visit Pablo in Manchester where he is with one of the best trainers.  I was astounded that these dogs actually wee and poo on command, so watch it if you are a facility that isn’t autism friendly.  I have the power 😂.

So nearly there if Reilly and Pablo are ok we should get to bring him home and start bonding before his specific training starts which for Reilly is around safety and companionship.  Autism Support Dogs act like an anchor if your child is a runner and we all know Reilly loves to run regardless of cars, buses, people etc and he terrifies me.

I learned lots about Appaws today from Niel.  They have built their own Centre which has play, teenage, crafts, conference facilities, sensory spaces etc.  They are Burns Scottish charity of the year and they have a waiting list for dogs as long as your arm so are always looking for funding, which I empathise with as myself and Kelly run our charity voluntarily and it’s so hard without good support. 

Take a look at their site for Appaws for Autism.  

Cant wait to share our first photo of Reilly and Pablo together ❤.  Watch this space. 

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