Reilly has had a 50/50 day for his birthday.  We have spent this afternoon at Woodhorn Colliery as he wanted to go on the little train, perfect for us we were the only ones on it.  He had his lunch in the cafe and actually sat and ate it and then played for an age on the outdoor play area.  No stress.

At 4 o clock we had arranged to be at our friends salon round the corner from our home.  Reilly’s hair has become a monster.  It was tatted and matted.  We can’t wash it or brush it and to be honest he looks like stig of the dump.  It has to go.

Phase one was today.  Letting Reilly see the scissors, combs, seats etc and he didn’t like them thats for sure.  This is the kid that will nut the wall when you try and wash his hair with no regard for his own safety or wellbeing. This is the kid who hears scissor blades open 5 mm in his sleep.

This is not just a oh he doesn’t like his haircut this is horrific but what if he gets dickies?  We would have to go for the full on shave off and having his hair cut will make washing and brushing it faster and easier for him.

Anieka was amazing with him.  We sat inside, outside and even on a James Cooper bus believe it or not.  We all wavered and had moments of lets just not do this. Let’s just leave him alone because his protests were noisy, incredibly noisy and teary.

We bribed him with presents if he sat still for an extra 5 minutes trying to buy extra time.  Anieka was very clear she did not want to traumatise him and took extra time just talking, watching Cars on youtube, even securing the bus from across the way to sit in while showing how the bits and pieces wouldn’t harm him.  Reilly hates his hair touched.  Particularly the back of his neck. HATES it.  I actually think it may be painful for him, this was a huge deal!

Eventually he sat on Shane’s knee in the salon and had some of his hair cut.  Phase one complete.  We just need to do another visit and go for the shorter styling as that was impossible today. I couldn’t video it because it’s not pleasant and i’m not sure it’s what you’d like to see.

Phase 2 coming soon.  Massive thankyou to Anieka for her skills and patience with Reilly and us today.