Hurricane Tarly

My apologies that the blogs are few and far between at the moment. I thought my life couldn’t possibly get any harder. I had this dreamy vision of how amazing Reilly and Tarly journey was going to be. I now realise this comes later 😂

My few hours sleep has become even less with Tarly being fabulous and letting us know he needs the toilet, by barking and waking up Reilly who kicks off and pulls Ellis’s hair. Sometimes he doesn’t go back to sleep, just the other night Reilly was up at 3am wanting to go in the garden and play with the hose with Tarly.

I’ve become a human pincushion and have read the back of every box, spray, mat, food, gimmick in Pets at Home. I have no bite spray, a calming spray, 8000 toys, a crate, a mat holder, to add to my latest purchases.

I’ve seen more shit than Jurassic Park’s green keeper and stood in approximately 100 puddles of wee. I bought some comfy driving shoe things today, here they are just a few hours later with added eau de pittle.

I’ve already started bits of training like trying to get him to sit for a treat which is going well and I thoroughly enjoy. He can get up the stairs himself and nearly frightened the life out of me when he appeared as if by magic ad if you think getting Reilly a babysitter is difficult try offering them up as a tag team 😂

We LOVE him though, he’s a pup and he wants to play and he loves to snuggle into your legs at night when he’s done puncturing your hands and feet. Can’t wait to start getting him out and about ❤️🐶

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Christine Stephenson

Really busy mam who runs her own charity, has 3 sons and learning about autism every day. Contact me at

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Tarly”

  1. First time reading your blog, my daughter is very different to your son but I get it, all of it
    As for the pup, it does get easier
    We got a bulldog in may this year for our daughter and he is worth his weight (all 26kg) in gold
    Even without service training (I wouldn’t know where to start for this) he is now relaxed, house training, human trained and a god send for my little girl x

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