The Life of Reilly

non verbal, super cute & autistic.

About me


My name is Christine Stephenson and I am a married Mother of 3 boys Alex 19, Ellis 9 & Reilly 4.  I am 43 years old (2023 i’m now 49) and live in Newcastle upon Tyne.  I am the co-founder of the charity North East Hearts with Goals (non autism related).  Fighter of anxiety on a daily basis and well versed on most things regarding depression.  Ive had tragedy touch my life but it does not rule it.  I  must add I  don’t class autism a tragedy, I need to make that clear.  It’s a whole new skills set I need to learn to get the most from my beautiful boy and help him be the best he can be, yes he thinks a little differently and no we aren’t fully up to speed on how to deal with the difficulties that can accompany autism yet but we will be in time.

My blog is simply a look into our lives learning and adjusting to having Reilly who is non verbal autistic and helping him best we can make sense of the world, he sees it through a different window.   It’s really difficult most of the time, I honestly wish it were easier, it’s very frustrating for Reilly and us but we are learning daily and we will get there, we will help him achieve whatever he wants to in life or maybe he will do that for us.

Always open to words of wisdom, comments on my blog.  Ultimate aim is to educate all of my family, friends and beyond that autism is here to stay so let’s work together and make it welcome and as comfortable as we can.

There is no cure coming because it is simply a different way of thinking, when we change our way of thinking about autism then we can achieve great things.

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