Nearly 50k views

Just checked my stats and got such a shock that The Life of Reilly is the tiniest smidge off 50,ooo views.  This makes me so happy.  It’s hard sometimes to bare your soul and write some of your fears and feelings for the world to see.  It is cathartic for me.  Sometimes you got to write it because if you shout it quite frankly your going to make a scene and we do enough of that already.

I remember being absolutely terrified to press publish on the posts

Did she just say that?  and   I am jealous. There I said it. 

Would people think I am a shitty parent because of those posts?  I am jealous was shared so many times on social media and I only saw one mother who wasn’t happy about it.  I don’t remember where the comment even is now but it was along the lines of she wants to think herself lucky she has a child blah blah blah.  NOBODY needs to tell me this.  I am truly aware that others have it so much worse than me but the purpose of the blog is to inform people of our autism, the one we live and breathe.  

I hope that I have raised an eyebrow or two with the blogs to date and I hope it has made people less judgmental of others.  Public acceptance that people are different is the answer.  Mind sets need to be changed children need to be educated not just in schools but at home too (not just with autism, pick a topic it still fits).  Different is ok.

I’ve been asked to make more videos, christ on a bike i’ve also been asked to write a book.  What I would like to know is what do you like about The Life of Reilly? What would you like to see more or less of?  Let me know x

MEDUSA        Warning contains a rude word 

After school today we went out on a jaunt as we always do.  This one involved a trip on the bus to the nearby shops and park.  Reilly was still in his uniform and as always his trousers are always a bit loose he’s forever pulling them up and he’s  not a fan of belts etc.   He’s like a baby Bieber with his pampers rather than Calvins out. 

I noticed a woman with what looked like her mother shooting me the odd disapproving glance as Reilly wanted to sit on the floor at the checkout and he was putting up a bit of resistance to put his feet on the floor and stand. I couldn’t give a toss about this behaviour he wasn’t hurting anyone and I let him sit on the floor til I was through.  When I picked him up the look she gave me when she saw Reilly was wearing a nappy was Medusa standard.  I even saw her nudge her mother to have a look.  She kept turning around and looking at me as she was leaving and I just continued to keep eye contact.  How rude.  Had this happened a few days back I probably would have cried and left. We often feel like failures and do not need the help of a stranger to feel even more so.

Today you were lucky old bag I was in a good mood.  Even if Reilly wasn’t autistic but had troubles with his toileting who are you or anyone to make a judgement on me or any of us as mother’s.  But he doesn’t look autistic! FFS I wish I had a penny for every time I heard that one, tell me exactly what does autistic look like hmmmmm? 

In honour of the Judge Judy’s today  I have made some prototypes that may prove popular 😂 might send them to pampers.

Stop judging, stop staring it makes you look stupid uninformed and rude and next time I may not be in such a good mood!