MEDUSA        Warning contains a rude word 

After school today we went out on a jaunt as we always do.  This one involved a trip on the bus to the nearby shops and park.  Reilly was still in his uniform and as always his trousers are always a bit loose he’s forever pulling them up and he’s  not a fan of belts etc.   He’s like a baby Bieber with his pampers rather than Calvins out. 

I noticed a woman with what looked like her mother shooting me the odd disapproving glance as Reilly wanted to sit on the floor at the checkout and he was putting up a bit of resistance to put his feet on the floor and stand. I couldn’t give a toss about this behaviour he wasn’t hurting anyone and I let him sit on the floor til I was through.  When I picked him up the look she gave me when she saw Reilly was wearing a nappy was Medusa standard.  I even saw her nudge her mother to have a look.  She kept turning around and looking at me as she was leaving and I just continued to keep eye contact.  How rude.  Had this happened a few days back I probably would have cried and left. We often feel like failures and do not need the help of a stranger to feel even more so.

Today you were lucky old bag I was in a good mood.  Even if Reilly wasn’t autistic but had troubles with his toileting who are you or anyone to make a judgement on me or any of us as mother’s.  But he doesn’t look autistic! FFS I wish I had a penny for every time I heard that one, tell me exactly what does autistic look like hmmmmm? 

In honour of the Judge Judy’s today  I have made some prototypes that may prove popular 😂 might send them to pampers.

Stop judging, stop staring it makes you look stupid uninformed and rude and next time I may not be in such a good mood! 




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