Walking on egg shells (The kinder variety) 

Reilly is super sensitive at the minute.  He hates lots of things.  His latest is he doesn’t like cups of tea.  Doesn’t matter what colour the cup or what type of tea but he won’t tolerate it in the same room.  We have a one cup boiler and if he hears it he storms the kitchen trying to get on the bench by any means necessary and smash the offending cup.  This is really unfortunate for me as I love tea, I embarrass my friends by ordering tea pots in bars on a regular basis.   I’ve lost 4 cups this week alone. If it doesn’t smash the first time he’ll have it on the second.

I feel like I’m walking on eggshells in my own home.  If I need to cough I run to the garage or back garden so he doesn’t hear.  He doesn’t like anyone eating different food to him unless it’s dominos pizza, we are allowed that while he eats his strippers combo.

When Thing 2 has his tea it’s planned with military precision.  Distract Reilly, grab plate, go go go up the stairs and lock yourself in before he sees/smells it.  I have today for my lunch stood at the cooker eating while Reilly watch Thomas in the living room.  I’m down to my last few plates I need to be careful, I was hungry and I honestly couldn’t be arsed with the kick off it would initiate.

If Thing 1 wanders into the living room with a glass of Coke you would think it was a grenade.  GET THAT OUT OF HERE NOW!! Reilly would fight you for it to break the glass regardless of who you are and what your size is.

I don’t understand a lot of things with Reilly and this week has just given more things to add to the These things piss Reilly off list.  I have been told that he’ll have to get used to it and do it regardless, I would invite that person to come to my home for the afternoon and try this out.  The one and a half hour screaming, holding breath, smashing the house up should be enough to back my actions.

For now I’ll stick to stuffing things in my mouth while my head is still in the fridge or cupboard and stealth missions for a cup of tea.  Tips always welcome 😃.

Nickname for today – Joffrey 

 He did eat purple this week though. Top marks Joffrey ⭐️

He ate purple 💜 result !


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Christine Stephenson

Really busy mam who runs her own charity, has 3 sons and learning about autism every day. Contact me at reillycic@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Walking on egg shells (The kinder variety) ”

  1. My post today inspired by Life of Riley.
    So its almost another school year gone and Bayden is now 8. He’s sweet, polite, clean, funny and yes a little bit alternative at times. As I had predicted as each year past he would be excluded more and more and despite my occasional pleas that parents should teach their children empathy by getting their kids to tell them not only which children they want to come to their part but which ones they don’t and why so as to teach their little cherubs about inclusivity and empathy Bayden is increasingly excluded.
    He receives almost no requests to have playdates, and has been invited to three out of over thirty class birthday parties, my wife tells me I need to be less myself and temper my opinions, so I have on most topics. But when it comes to my children and especially my beautiful little boy all societal niceties go out the window.
    If you are part of Bays school or social circle and you have not tried to include or encourage your child to include him then don’t count yourself as progressive, good, kind or inclusive because you aren’t. In fact you are just an asshole.
    If you are somewhere else in the world and you also “cleanse” your child’s invite list and don’t actively try to encourage them to be inclusive then you too are an asshole. Oh and please I won’t give two fucks if you unfriend me.
    Here are a few facts about people with autism:
    – They are the most bullied minority
    – They have a life expectancy over a decade less than the average
    – They have an 85% unemployment rate
    – They have one of the highest rates of mental health issues as a result of isolation, exclusion and unemployment
    – They have the highest rate of suicide attempts and one of the highest rates of suicide
    So tell me why I should care about people’s sensibilities when my son has to deal with this.
    Oh and if you own or run a company/organisation and you don’t have an autism policy that seeks to outreach or accommodate people on the spectrum then you guessed it you are an asshole too.

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