Interacting with Reilly is pretty difficult.  He doesn’t like round and round the garden or this little piggy. He doesn’t care what the cow or the pig says.  He doesn’t dance. He doesn’t talk but this doesn’t stop us from trying everyday to get a bit of interaction going.

I’m not the crying type occasionally watching extreme makeover home edition some rogue tears will sneak out.  Hodor’s demise this week caused a flood as did Claire and Jamie’s baby in Outlander (Escapism at its finest you should try it) but that’s about it. This photo however makes me cry happy tears just looking at it.

Reilly is nearly 5 and probably off and on every other day since about the age of 3 I’ve said lets see your funny face.  He looks at me as if I’m stupid then cracks on with building, tracks, jumping on the bed or flooding the bathroom.

Nope wasn’t happening but I kept the faith.

One night sitting on the bed I switched my phone to selfie mode to let Reilly have a look at himself.  He loves himself and will happily check himself in the mirror at every given opportunity, not sure where he gets that from.  As always I said Reilly let’s see your funny face and boom there it was.  2 years of trying and he does it on command.  It was a breakthrough and I was ecstatic, still am.

Never give up.

Progress no matter how small it may seem to others is hugely significant in special needs families and should be celebrated like we did by taking about 50 more 😊.

Simple things.