Still in Ireland. We were supposed to travel to Limerick yesterday and meet up with Rob the creator of Tippytalk.  We just couldn’t. Travelling any distance with Reilly on board is unbearable. He pops his seatbelt on his car seat and climbs out constantly unless he’s eating an ice cream. 3.5 hours to Limerick might be pushing our luck so we had to act quick and get some different accommodation.

Just 20 minutes from Warrenpoint is Carlingford.


It is beautiful, pretty much everywhere I’ve seen in Ireland is.  Just out of Carlingford is a Riverstown just 5 minutes away. We have a 2 bedroom cottage with outstanding views. The owners Padraic and Sandra are to die for.  Nothing too much of a problem, make yourselves at home type of peeps.   Cottage has absolutely everything you could need nestled in the mountains.  Bread, milk, butter, crisps and biscuits were waiting for us, not bad for having booked a few hours before.  Reilly and Ellis love the garden complete with swings and footy nets.  Glenvale Cottage  Riverstown if you’re interested. You must be able to drive or you won’t get far. We now know that hotels are all wrong for Reilly, lockable doors and some space work wonders.


Chippy, park, ice cream, beach, garden was order of the day.  All of these things being Reillys favourites.  Result.


Today was the first rain we’ve seen believe it or not so we headed to the big trampoline park in Dundalk. Staff were excellent offering to turn off music etc for Reilly, luckily he loves a bit of Bieber.

Smyths Toy shop is nearby so we thought we’d nip in and get Reilly a new colour changer car, keeps him happy for ages. BIG MISTAKE! The meltdown that ensued because I forgot to let Reilly put my card in the card reader first was horrific.  That bad we had to operate a tag team to deal with it and Ellis crying outside. Such a simple thing that he loves to do and in a fleeting moment of madness Id screwed our lovely day. A girl behind the counter really stepped up to help Shane.  Giving Reilly other cards to try, diverting the queue etc he wasn’t being fooled by no dummy cards though, mine at this point is just about hanging together. She was an absolute star and really helped us try to diffuse it.  Outside it carried on in the car park for another 20 minutes. Toe curling screaming, red faced no regard for cars or danger. Funny enough not once did I have to issue a death stare! Are people less judgey here?

We are now back in our cozy cottage. Reilly is where he likes to be naked watching Mickey Mouse and Shane and Ellis are playing football against an incredible backdrop.


Back to Belfast tomorrow for a night with our pal Marie and family before the ferry home on Saturday. Can I get done for using masking tape and superglue to keep Reilly in his car seat? Open to suggestions 😬

Love Ireland perfect little holiday, we’ll be back 💚🍀

Guinness drank = nil.

Leprechauns sighted = nil

Game of Thrones cast = nil