Tonight I was treated to an impromptu dinner out as Thing 1 offered to babysit Reilly for a couple of hours.  I don’t have to be asked twice if ‘d like to eat out – you grab your shoes, run like hell and sort the logistics enroute.  (Not possible if said shoes are sticking out the toilet like a double headed cobra).

As a couple its very rare we get any time to actually sit and talk without little ears on radar. He may not speak but by god he listens So tonight was greatly appreciated , little bit of time to recharge the batteries.

When we got home I expected it to be messier than when I went out, I take that one on the chin and they definitely didn’t disappoint tonight.  I sometimes blame Reilly for a lot of the chaos in our house but you know what that Thomas is always close by the little shit never mind diesel 10!

Carnage in the kitchen with my new special dairy free porridge that I was so excited to try.


Not entirely sure whats happened here but i shut the door quickly, Baby doll has obviously had an accident of some sort.

Nice to know he’s eaten.

Toot off Thomas! Small price to pay for a couple of hours out i say.

So all in all we’ve had a sucessful first week in his new school and he has gone everyday without a problem.  His behaviour after school is on another level sadly – tiredness, change etc to blame i think but we’ll see.  Roll on Monday x