What an amazing week!

Not only did we smash the target for Reilly’s support dog but I have been out minus children and husband twice this week!  Feel like I’ve won the lottery!  I love not being responsible for anyone even if it is just for a few hours.  No watching doors, windows, kettles, bins, gates, fridges, sinks… you get the picture.

I have noticed a considerable shift in my anxiety this week.  Karma coming back around and that teeny chink of light at the end of the tunnel turned into a steady beam when we reached the target for Reilly’s dog.  Big thanks to everyone for that.

Thursday I attended a charity awards ceremony  with NE Hearts with Goals where our little fundraiser Bobbi made the final 3 for young champion of the year, didn’t win but doesn’t matter finalist is an achievement in itself and last night I attended my cousin Dan’s wedding at the Baltic Art Centre in Newcastle which is just beautiful and one of my fave landmarks.  I saw family members I haven’t seen in months and loved filling them all in on how the support dog would help us as a family and said the sentence “ah its not that bad, well actually it is” many times to those talking about my lack of sleep and endless running.

When i’m out people often say Where’s Reilly?  Will he be alright? to which I usually answer in the shed, he’s with his Dad the other one with equal responsibility.

Both nights i’ve got home after one and prayed to Jon Snow (I’m not a religious type) while putting the keys in the door that he was a) asleep and b) wouldn’t wake up.  Last night was like a scene from Home Alone.  Lego, cars and toys trailing from one end of the house to the other, my eyeshadow crushed into the floor and then subsequently the same khaki gold coloured powder handprinted all over my downstairs bathroom, sink and 2 matching footprints on the toilet seat.  I’m not bothered.  Small price to pay for a few hours breather and when I looked into the bedroom I could see a sea of underpants attached to a snoring Shane, Reilly and Ellis. Happy.

So today has been Shane’s respite.  He’s out for a couple of pints with his best buds and i’m chasing my tail trying to to keep some sort of order.  Reilly has found a new movie which I’d never seen before which is Wall-e  he seems to be naturally drawn to non/limited verbal characters.  After watching Wall-e he went on a bit of a rampage of making a mess then trying and failing through lack of interest to tidy it up.  I think he’s missing the whole point to be honest but he doesn’t appear bothered.  I made the mistake of using his bribery bath foam (he wont go in at the moment) below top of the wardrobe height too. I’ve attached a little video of how that one turned out.  Poor Olaf.

NEVER go for a wee and think you have time to check your messages while having a little escape.

I’ve recently given up while he’s still awake and i’m just going to patiently wait for Poldark with my cup of tea in a cardboard cup, I now ask guests if they’d like a lid with their coffee, what service and it saves on the breakages.

Uniforms are ready the rest can whistle.

Nearly Monday 🙂