Tonight we went to Benton Dene School for Reilly’s first parent’s evening.  I absolutely love Reilly’s school and his teachers.  It’s so important to trust them. When you have a non verbal child you must be 1000% confident he’s happy and I’m absolutely certain he is.

It’s intriguing to hear what their thoughts are on Reilly.  How on day one he pushed a chair to the bench, got on it, opened the cupboard and helped himself to some cereal and a bowl, made it and sat down at the desk to eat it.  Just proves he not just fiercely independent at home but he is at school too.

He’s communicating with his PECS cards really well and I got to see a video of him sitting in their small dining room where approximately 10 have their lunch together.  Not once did he require help and tucked into his dinner no problems, nor flipping anyones plate which I was surprised to see.

All in all we are all really hopeful that Reilly will talk.  Academically he’s bang on and learning is not a problem.  We spoke to his speech  therapist and occupational therapist who are just getting to know Reilly and all his unique ways and we’ll work together with them on communication.

I left with a little bit of a spring in my step feeling the future is bright for the little man.  I need to bottle this feeling and have a swig everytime I feel a bit grim 🙂

Here’s a video of Reilly on holiday for no other reason that he’s just plain adorable, just doing his own thing xx