So Reilly has had a poo on the toilet!  He went himself, he didn’t ask for help; he just did it.   I was sat on the bed waiting for him and could here the canny little rabbit drops and I felt really proud, he’s 6 in July and I had visions of it never happening to be honest.  It coincides with us buying  him a book that was  recommended it’s called Ready to Go Toilet Time.  They do one for boys and one for girls and i’m so impressed I thought I would share it with you.


It’s really well put together in a hardback folder.  It comes with a hardback book, a toilet training guide, 2 sticker charts and some stickers.  It’s neatly packaged and really well designed.

I’ve read through it a few times with Reilly and he likes the fact that there are pictures of toilets and underpants. One of the posters is a dinosaur which you fill in his spots with stickers, filling up nicely as this is no problem for Reilly and the other is of a train, yes it only has one sticker but I chose the train for number twos because I see that as more of a journey. Its called the poo poo choo choo if you are interested.

These books aren’t special needs specific and would help with anyone struggling or just starting out toilet training. Defo worth a shot if you are nearing growing out of the 6+ pampers.

You can buy here: