This week has been eventful,  lots of good things lots of bad things.

Ill do bad things first:


  • Reilly went missing.
  • Almost died while running the streets looking for him (not strictly true but felt like it).
  • Hours spent lying awake beating myself up re Reilly escaping.
  • Nephew has cardiac arrest.
  • Reilly broke my favourite moroccan cup.

WHATTTTTT back it up!  My nephew did indeed have a cardiac arrest on Wednesday night.  We have been kind of prepared because we knew he had an inherited heart condition and he has an ICD fitted as a prevention if cardiac arrest happened but always hoped obviously it would never be needed.  The ICD saved his life on Wednesday.  He’s back home and just fine.  If I  ever needed a wake up call to stop moping and seize the day this was it.

What I find strange is that Reilly’s behaviour was different the day after he escaped and the day after Will’s cardiac arrest.  I think he could read my emotions I really do. Normally he scratching at the door to be out of the house at the first opportunity, kicking off because i’ve had the audacity to take a bite of my toast before he has and the likes.  Nothing. Just watching Thomas, being cute.  It was a godsend because I had very little left in me to deal this week.

Will loves dairy free chocolate if you wanted to send him any as a get well soon I can pass it on. 😉


  • My nephew is still alive.
  • Found Reilly unharmed and unaware of any fuss.
  • Have lost 5lbs since Monday with my new regime and loving it.
  • My neighbours and friends are awesome.
  • Made a green thai curry and it was restaurant standard.
  • Invented some products for Dragons Den.
  • Reilly can write.

The last one has absolutely blown me away, out of the blue Reilly has very carefully started to write.  In my darker days I often think will he read, write etc and I think we have this one nailed.

His favourite words are Reilly, Jet2, Frozen, friends and Argos. (scroll to the bottom to see him in action).

In all my hours lying awake I tried to think of solutions to children running off this is what I came up with:

  1. I decided I would buy a drone and if the little bugger does a runner I can shoot it up into the sky and survey the surrounding areas.
  2. I would  design a retractable leader type thingy but for children and attach it to Reilly while out and about.  Maybe the back of his trousers.  I have a feeling that Peter Jones and Deb Meaden might call me an a-hole and say they’re out but come on middle of the road or a bungee chord I know which one Im going for. (Have found something similar already emailed them for a go).
  3. This is my favourite one. A Stopping Trolley, like a shopping trolley, the tartan kind grandmas have but deeper and when Reilly refuses to walk I can stick him in it with my shopping and he cant’t get out.  Obviously a hole in the top to keek his head through like the top of a tank.  No more tired arms or escaping from pushchairs if you use them. I’m in!

Back to school on Monday 🙂