What an eventful afternoon!  I decided I would venture out with Reilly and Ellis to the skate park with the scooter, a football and a camera – just in case.  You never know what you are going to get when I’m out with these two and I hate to miss an opportunity.

I was a little bit nervous because i’m on day two of taking probiotics (see yesterdays blog) and can tell you that I would rather not stray too far from a public convenience of which there are none at the skate park and also because Reilly had to be given a suppository after school because he is still withholding his poo’s.  Had the potential to be a really shitty trip out, pardon the pun.  TMI?

Anyway sun was shining and within 1 minute of entering the skateboard this little dude called Billy who was there with his Dad comes to talk to me and tells me he recognises Reilly from school.  He doesn’t attend Reilly’s part of the school but he tells me he’s seen him around.  I tell him he’s autistic and he says ah yeah I know about that and then tells me he has friends who have special needs and it’s no biggy.

What a breath of fresh air man!  I talked to his dad about how fabulous the school is and how great it was to see such accepting attitudes.  Billy pushed him on the ‘thingy’ and they even high fived before Billy left.  My heart swelled a bit I’m not going to lie, more of this please.  I’m so happy I had my camera.


Reilly took great pleasure in recreating the scene of me falling off the roundabout thing pictured above again and again.  I think he was winding me up and I love that too, more snippets of his character coming through.  If he could talk I know he’d be full of cheek I can see it.

We decided to make our way home after a few new ways of riding his scooter down the ramps.  IMG_1826.jpg

Time was getting on and we’d had no tea so straight home? No Reilly wants to walk the huge long way round.  Ellis deserts us for the quick route and Reilly decides not only is he not going the quick way he also isn’t riding his scooter and I should push him.  My phone dies just as I take out my phone to ask Shane to come and get us so 1 hour later I arrive at my Mam’s which is en-route.  We stop off for nutella on toast (Reilly) and then attempt the last 5 minute walk home. Nope not happening Reilly just lies on the pavement like a cement starfish.  Eventually my Dad rings Shane to come and collect us because it is impossible to move him the final 300 metres and it’s now 9 o’clock.

Nothings ever simple is it? Look at those beautiful photos though, he’s certainly worth it! (No photos of big bro Ellis were permitted to be used in this blog, I think its an age thing!)

IMG_1817 (1)