After last years trip abroad I said I would NEVER do it again.  I’m a massive liar and I’ve caved to Reilly’s relentless persistence.

Every day for approx 6 months Reilly sits at the computer, flicking between 3 sites Thomson, Jet2 and Thomas Cook.  He taps the screen and then points to himself. We play where is the mountains, tree, beach, balcony, boat, hotel, pool, sun lounger, restaurant etc for longer than I would like. I’m pretty certain I could tell you where every free child place on Jet2 is available and on what dates. 
He packs a bag every morning.  Sometimes his school bag, sometimes a suitcase.  Towel, suntan lotion, floaters, rubber ring, quavers, sunglasses and a packet of biscuits.

So we are off on the last week of the school holidays to Paguera in Majorca and I’m already getting prepared.  I’ve emailed the hotel to establish whether the doors lock from the inside. I’ve analysed photos of the balcony.  I picked this hotel in particular because it is only 2 story buildings and has a splash park and a normal park.  I picked Majorca because of it’s shorter flight and transfer time. Not to mention the free child place that is seen on the weeks leading up to booking.  My mam and dad are coming again so they are back up for Ellis.  Ellis is still horrified at Reilly’s behaviour and literally crys when Reilly swaggers to the front of huge queues with no shits given like Connor McGregor entering the ring.  With my parents there it provides an escape from Reilly for Ellis when needed. I don’t have that option – at home he sticks to me like glue.  Away from home he sticks like superglue with some back up Velcro.

I’ll be taking my little cards which this year will be printed in English, Spanish and German as there are many Germans holidaying in Paguera.  They worked a treat last year and gave a great heads up for staff in the restaurant to explain why Reilly stood in the same spot for 30 minutes putting a stream of bread through the toaster.  Communication is key and that’s by any means necessary.  Once people know they tend to be understanding and accommodating and who doesn’t want that.

So the planner is up to show him how many days til the plane and he also knows he has to have his hair cut.  He really does. I love it long but it’s becoming harder and more upsetting for him to have it long.  He won’t let us, touch, brush, wash it etc.  He’s super handsome and will pull his new style off like a pro I’m sure.

#prayforchristine 😂 I found the Autism Passport hugely underwhelming at Newcastle Airport last year so fingers crossed it’s improved. Jet2 have a service now where they collect your cases at your hotel so you are arriving at the airport suitcase free with your boarding cards cutting out that horrendous queuing. That’s going to help massively enroute home.