Just keep Swimming

1 more sleep. 1 more sleep if i’m lucky.

Last night Reilly went to bed and was asleep at 9.  He woke up at 12am like Aurora had just been kissed.  He was up until 6 this morning when he decided to have himself a little snooze thankfully.  Its rare these days thats its as bad as this.

I decided I was going to make sure he was tired tonight so decided I would brave the swimming pool. A quick wafting of his swimming trunks between Reilly and the Mac screen and Reilly was fastening himself into his car seat as quick as a flash.

I NEVER go to the swimming baths:

  • a) I am fat
  • b) I am a shade paler than Winterfell
  • c) I hate getting splashed.
  • d) Reilly having a meltdown and the thought of me legging it after him in a bathing costume turns my stomach (and the poor others who witness it).

Given my nearly 2 stone weight loss though I thought suck it up you are 45 years old and noone gives a flyer what you look like and off I went. Ellis decided he was coming too. Strength in numbers.

I drove off with my brood thinking I was great, one of them activity mams I despise normally, jealousy is a terrible thing. The mere sight of a fun filled family social media snap, usually fake can sometimes send my resting bitch face into a state of unrest.

Ellis splashed me at every given opportunity and I floated around like Red October looking for people I knew to get out before I would make my exit and head to the showers. Surfacing from the warmth of the baby pool on look out like a massive periscope.

I had another reason for going swimming. It was a secret covert mission to wash Reillys hair! I cannot do it at home. I cannot watch my boy ram his face into the tiles and scratch himself when attempting to wash his hair. Can’t do it. Is it the smell, taste, feeling, sensation? We don’t know but what we do know is it is much simpler at the pool. There’s a quick kick off but no meltdown and it passes quickly. Success! Look at me parenting!

All in all it was a huge success sounds ridiculous to some that I am celebrating a trip to the pool but honestly some of our trips out would make your toes curl.

Back home and out on his bike with Tarly for some night swinging at the park.

Surely he’ll sleep? He’s never stopped today. Tomorrow morning will be awful. First day back for Reilly is that bad his dad has taken the day off to help. It’s not that he hates school he just wants to be with me. This past 2 weeks you’ll be lucky if there’s been a day where Reilly hasn’t been attached to my cheek. He loves the holidays, loves staying in his pjs and watching films. He’s rekindled his love for Charlie and Lola which I’m very happy about and we’ve watched hundreds of episodes. Tomorrow is going to be tough for the little man. I expect uniform down the toilet at first opportunity.

Myself and Shane will be going out for lunch as we have spent zero time together over the Christmas holidays and a bit of almost grown up conversation is much needed.

Good Luck to all those with a fight on their hands in the morning. Cheers to the first uninterrupted cuppa x

Published by

Christine Stephenson

Really busy mam who runs her own charity, has 3 sons and learning about autism every day. Contact me at reillycic@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Just keep Swimming”

  1. ‘I drove off with my brood thinking I was great, one of them activity mams I despise normally, jealousy is a terrible thing. The mere sight of a fun filled family social media snap, usually fake can sometimes send my resting bitch face into a state of unrest.’ I LOVE this lol!
    All the best for tomorrow x

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  2. Hola soy de Argentina y aquí pasa algo similar quizás más duro aún. Soy Carla docente de escuela primaria y allí ves muchísimo casos de niños en la situación de Reilly y es lamentable ya que aquí en las escuelas públicas no contamos con nada que ayude su adaptación o a conocer de qué manera colaborar en sus vidas y hacer de ellos unos niños-as felices e incluidos en el mundo “normal”. Todo lo que hacemos y hablo de mi en particular, es buscar de manera independiente información, instruirnos y luchar por que sus vidas sean siempre rodeadas de amor y comprensión. Es lo que todo niño necesita no importa las condiciones que tenga, ya que todos en el mundo somos diferentes. Es sencillo si lo piensas así y por ello cotidianamente inculco a todos que esto es así y que es nuestro deber aceptarnos. Pero para ello debemos conocer, conocer la hermosa diversidad de seres humanos que somos. El autismo se presenta de diferentes maneras, sin diferentes patologías las que encuentro aquí, en mis escuelas de Moreno, partido de Buenos Aires donde vivo. Pero trato siempre de sentir que todo en la vida es un hermoso desafío y así desafío a los demás a involucrarse conmigo, aunque sea difícil. Aunque vea la injusticia muchísimas veces, aunque no compartan mis preocupaciones, aunque sólo, no les importe… Trato siempre de que VEAN, que puedan ver esa diferencia que nos hace únicos para así, ser uno y poder contra todo. Seguramente muchos me tildan de loca, de soñadora o sólo me ignoren, pero mi corazón está contento en cada paso…
    Mi abrazo desde el alma para Reilly y su familia y a continuar visivilizando el AUTISMO ya que es una condición más del ser humano y NO TIENE POR QUÉ ALEJARNOS, SINO UNIRNOS!!!

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    1. muchas gracias por sus amables comentarios. Alquile siga haciendo lo que hace y cuídese de estos hermosos niños. ¿Estoy tan interesado en cómo piensan los niños sobre niños autistas en Argentina? ¿tienen dificultades con la intimidación, etc.?


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