What would we talk about my boy and me?

It’s my birthday I’m 46 and feel 90!! It’s bittersweet for reasons many of our friends will know. ❤️

Shane took a day off work so we could grab a few hours together child free. Trip to the metro centre for some new make up, god knows I need it and some Lebanese food. Perfect.

Home just in time for the kids arriving home. Reilly as per usual throws his car keys at me which means let’s go mother and I always oblige. I asked him where he wanted to go and usually he would grab my phone and type it in. It’s usually in no particular order Airbox, Burger King, Spar, skatepark or Ace Playce. I need season passes for all of them. This was his reply today ….

Now what can I say about this. I drove away feeling incredibly emotional. I’m always told accept him as he is. I do but god I want to talk to him. There’s a pit in my stomach that aches to have a conversation with him.

What would we talk about? His enormous hate for undercrackers? Why he puts his chin in my eye socket when he’s trying to fall asleep? Why does he headbutt the wall when we try and wash his hair and slam his knees onto the bathroom tiles with such force it cracks them? What is he thinking about when he roars in spontaneous laughter? What’s his favourite song? Why always vanilla with a flake? Why is the food always beige? Why the back seat on the right hand side? Why’s he terrified of The Lion King? What’s his favourite colour? Does he like school? Why I can’t drink a cup of tea? Why he’s never cold or the attraction of the sea? The list is infinitive. There will never be a question that doesn’t need an answer.

Today I saw progress and I felt hope. I’m happy. Today is a good day ❤️

Published by

Christine Stephenson

Really busy mam who runs her own charity, has 3 sons and learning about autism every day. Contact me at reillycic@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “What would we talk about my boy and me?”

  1. Hi Christine and Reilly your story has brought back memories of our son Nathan growing up after being diagnosed with autism at the age of 4 he is now 25 and has come on leaps and bounds though we still face challenges within the community for instance he has been refused a shandy due to not having proof of his age i did try to explain his lack of eye contact made them think he was hiding something Another occasion a lady dropped a chip from her plate and Nathan thought he would put it back on her plate. Ñathan refused to talk until he was 10 At the time he was terrified of leather and i had to put him on my shoulders when we visited my Sister who had a leather 3 piece one day i decided to tease him and pretend to put him on the sofa To my astonishment he clearly as anything said the words don’t dad please. Well i cried for a week Ñathan can ñow communicate in short sentences Anyway from my family to yours take care and all the best in the future we feel blessed having our wonderful special son and I’m sure you will feel likewise. Colin Mary and Nathan

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