Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Sunshine Funds Glass Slipper awards at the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead. I’d been nominated under the category Remarkable Woman which is incredible! I love everything North East and we all know I love to see women succeeding and being honoured. The Life of Reilly isn’t just a blog, a play, a film as many may think. It is a movement. A movement that needs louder voices and more feet on the floor and we will forever shout it.

The Life of Reilly is peer to peer support, it is mental health improvement and counselling, it’s education, it’s comradeship, it’s fierce advocacy and most of all it is essential.

The blog for me as I have always said is a cathartic. Sometimes I need to write. Sometimes I need other people to say us too, me too, I hear you, I got you. I haven’t written as often as I’d like recently because sometimes I’m struggling too.

I am surrounded by and work with remarkable women all the time, that’s not just those who work in the industry and support our kids, that’s those who are keeping their heads just above the water, treading water is exhausting, functioning is sometimes exhausting yet here we are because there is no greater drive than our exceptional children.

I am truly grateful to anyone who nominated me and to those who deemed me a winner, the room was packed with winners. Thankyou to Lynn and the staff at Hilton for their brilliant hosting, to Dr Joanna Berry whom I fangirl all of the time for her talk on kindness, to Lowes Financial for sponsoring my category and to Siobhan and the Sunshine Fund themselves for holding such an inspiring event.

Here’s to the growth of The Life of Reilly, to change and to my partners Kelly & Alison. I look forward to keeping my circle of remarkable women close.

As always I celebrated my win with a nice pot of tea. Shout out to the men too 🙂 x