Reilly the Bouncer

I ventured out this morning with Reilly to Airbox Bounce at Cramlington.  Reilly has been here before and loves it.  This morning was different though because we went as part of the specially arranged sessions with Autism Northumberland.

I’m a softy and a bit of a home bird with Reilly in the holidays but when offered a lift and some company with my nearly cousin and her 2 boys. I decided to take it and give it a go.

I’ve mentioned many times before how difficult it is taking Reilly along to activities for many reasons- the main being understanding of members of the public, some people are incredibly rude and unlucky for them as Reilly grows older and my skin grows thicker I have no problems addressing the tutters and moaners straight on.  Tut or learn is always my mantra.

We arrived just before 10 and parked at the rear of the building.  This has been well thought out and lets the kids from the group leave without having to negotiate the groups of people arriving for regular sessions. They also countdown to the end of the session which is great for the kids to prepare. 

There were plenty of staff there to ensure the kids were safe.  Because it was just our kids and their siblings it was perfect.  No blasting music to set off any sensory issues. Lots of space to play without the rough and tumble at their own pace. 

There is a cafe upstairs that sells everything you could need or want (soya milk is good Airbox for those dairy free folks 😉). The cafe has a great view of the whole trampoline park below.  

Downstairs where the majority of parents/carers gathered is a small soft play area which Reilly enjoyed.

He had a great time and has been typing Airbox into the mac this afternoon so safe to say we’ll be back with the Autism Northumberland group check their Facebook for booking info.  Being able to have fun with Reilly without the judgements, stares and being able to relax is priceless. 

While I was there I picked up a nomination form for Autism Northumberlands Awards Ceremony which is just a lovely idea.  These children are special, we all know that but by Christ they have a struggle and this ceremony is to celebrate those achievements no matter how small.  Nominations are open to anyone if you know a superstar you would like to put forward.   Nomination link

Disney Collector and her witchery 

I have a problem that I cannot explain to Reilly.  This is one of his favourite YouTube videos. He’s seen it at least 100 times.  For those of you without young children this is Disney Collector she makes videos unboxing toys and unwrapping kinder eggs. She’s also likely a multi millionaire through it.  Good on her I say.  She drives us insane yet provides hours of respite while they sit mesmerised by her obvious talent. I’ve shortened the video to save your sanity.

Now Reillys insistence on purchasing a toy microwave was really something else and as per usual I caved not for any other reason that I couldn’t be dealing with the fall out.  I don’t know how I didn’t click when the play doh went in the trolley too.

This video also shortened as it goes on for hours! 

Now it all makes sense.  

He remembers details.  He’s done this once before with tins of sardines and an episode of Mr Bean.  Relentless at putting them back in the trolley every time we took them out, out of interest we bought them and low and behold he went straight to the bathroom with them and a tin opener, he was recreating his favourite scene from the goldfish episode of the Mr Bean animations.

Now I can turn my hand to most things and I’m very creative but turning playdoh into a Finding Nemo egg just ain’t happening.  I admire his efforts at trying to create eggs from playdoh but how on earth do I explain it to him when he looks at me like I stole his last chicken nugget when the dinger goes off and it’s still a dry old lump of play doh! 😂This afternoon has been non stop play dohing  and I was a little shocked to see he had put his blocks in number order independently I’ve not seen him do that before, super proud.

I’m now going to ply him with videos of Tom Hardy and Charlie Hunnam in the hopes he brings them home too.

ps Pack it in Disney Collector you cost me a fortune, make videos of things to do with sheets of newspaper and get creative.

My groundhog day

Yesterday was one of those evenings where I could literally forget that Reilly is autistic.  As per usual he came home from school and refused to come in the house.  This is the norm now and I embark on a rambling trip where he takes the lead and I follow.  Normally we are put and about for about 3 hours.  Park, bench outside the chippy to look at cars, McDonalds for an ice cream, back to park and so on.  Not yesterday though we headed to the bus stop and depending on which side of the road he chooses I know where he wants to go.  No running off at the bus stop, no pushing in front of people to get on the bus, sat on the same seat (always backseat right hand corner)  and only pressed the bell twice to get off.  So far so good.

Ace Playce is a large soft play in Killingworth which Reilly likes and you get their tea for a pound so happy days.  He played, really played on everything instead of just the one slide, he came for his tea when he was asked, he crashed the dance class and joined in with the pom pom’s (the staff were fab when I explained and said he could stay).  He put his shoes on when it as time to leave and only tried escaping once.  Where was Reilly?  The one that keeps me in a nervous disposition at the very thought of being out in public. I like this one.  I love them both but this Reilly is so much happier.

Also as part of the route we go to Morrison’s and stand and look at the toys for 20 minutes.  He bought a Robofish Marlin from Finding Dory and then was happy to leave!!

Bus home back seat right hand corner, 3 bell presses and walks home holding my hand.  Straight in the bath with Marlin and unfortunately thing 1’s clay facewash.  Naked bed bouncing (for Reilly), a few parachutes off the windowsill and asleep for 8.30am til 7am this morning.

I will take yesterday as my groundhog day if I could.  Really enjoyable, no stress kind of day.  I’d like more.

Let’s see what tonight’s antics hold!

The holidays are looming like Harry Potter’s dementor’s but maybe mint green with caps instead of hoods.  We can do this parents how had can 6 weeks off be ? cough cough said no ASD parent ever.