Yesterday was one of those evenings where I could literally forget that Reilly is autistic.  As per usual he came home from school and refused to come in the house.  This is the norm now and I embark on a rambling trip where he takes the lead and I follow.  Normally we are put and about for about 3 hours.  Park, bench outside the chippy to look at cars, McDonalds for an ice cream, back to park and so on.  Not yesterday though we headed to the bus stop and depending on which side of the road he chooses I know where he wants to go.  No running off at the bus stop, no pushing in front of people to get on the bus, sat on the same seat (always backseat right hand corner)  and only pressed the bell twice to get off.  So far so good.

Ace Playce is a large soft play in Killingworth which Reilly likes and you get their tea for a pound so happy days.  He played, really played on everything instead of just the one slide, he came for his tea when he was asked, he crashed the dance class and joined in with the pom pom’s (the staff were fab when I explained and said he could stay).  He put his shoes on when it as time to leave and only tried escaping once.  Where was Reilly?  The one that keeps me in a nervous disposition at the very thought of being out in public. I like this one.  I love them both but this Reilly is so much happier.

Also as part of the route we go to Morrison’s and stand and look at the toys for 20 minutes.  He bought a Robofish Marlin from Finding Dory and then was happy to leave!!

Bus home back seat right hand corner, 3 bell presses and walks home holding my hand.  Straight in the bath with Marlin and unfortunately thing 1’s clay facewash.  Naked bed bouncing (for Reilly), a few parachutes off the windowsill and asleep for 8.30am til 7am this morning.

I will take yesterday as my groundhog day if I could.  Really enjoyable, no stress kind of day.  I’d like more.

Let’s see what tonight’s antics hold!

The holidays are looming like Harry Potter’s dementor’s but maybe mint green with caps instead of hoods.  We can do this parents how had can 6 weeks off be ? cough cough said no ASD parent ever.