To say I am excited is understatement of the century.
I was approached by a lady called Alison Stanley in April when I began writing this blog. Alison from Red Diamond Theatre wanted to talk about taking The Life of Reilly to the stage! She had already been working on a play about an autistic adult looking back over his life from a small child and how he handled the scenarios that moulded his life. I imagine it to be bittersweet and will touch base with every emotion in the audience.

The young Reilly will be based on my very own little man and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing some of his best moments with her. Some funny, some heartbreaking. Alison is already well versed in everything autism as her own son is also on the spectrum, not the same as Reilly; quite the opposite in fact but like we always say you meet one child with autism you’ve met one child with autism because they are all unique.

Autism has never been more in the public eye than it is now and every new project gets people talking which in turn leads to a greater understanding and an easier life for autistic people and their parents. The A Word has done wonders. All of my friends and family watched it, it opened dialogue that they would never have dreamed to mention before. They get the stress and the utter desperation for normality portrayed by Alison Joes Mum and I have found they are kinder and a little more forgiving than before.

A play about autism would have me jumping for joy at the best of times but a play with traits of Reilly is just incredible. Alison has had great success in the past with plays at the Theatre Royal and the Edinburgh Fringe which were greatly received! I cannot wait to see the results for The Life of Reilly.
I hope you will all support it when the time comes ❤️