I’ve had a right stressful week.  Left half of my anti-d’s  in Ibiza and had a little flap about it and have felt a bit tetchy and on edge in general.  I hate it, hate anxiety I have far too much to do and think about for all that lark.

My added stress comes tonight not from the fact that Ronaldo just put his shirt back on but the fact that Reilly goes on Tuesday to visit his new school and new classmates.  Reilly is currently in a school called Beacon Hill, it is amazing and I love it but from day one every single professional we came into contact with while going through diagnosis and then discussing education said Benton Dene is the place for Reilly, literally everyone said that to us but if you’ve followed my blogs from the start you will know we couldn’t get him in.  The class sizes are tiny.  Reilly’s new class with have a teacher and 3 teaching assistants to just a small handful of children, they are renowned for working wonders with non verbal children.

We received a call to say Reilly had his place a few months back and it has been so hard trying to decide what to do.  Should he stay at Beacon Hill with the familiarity of the journey, the building, the faces or should we switch him now while he is little and start a new chapter at Benton Dene.  Approx 25 sleepless nights and the same conversation with Shane over and over again we have decided to move him and I pray it is the right decision.  My Mammy brain wants him to just be happy and comfy and not have to face the change but my Mam brain says professionals think it’s the right ting to do stop being a softy.

Benton Dene is closer to us which I like, great track record, happy parents who have given me excellent feedback and urged us to make the move.   I may go and loiter around the school gates for a couple of weeks incase he needs me ….  Reilly’s previous teachers will know this is not a joke lol.

Im absolutely terrified about tackling the switch to a new school after the summer holidays.  It’s a testing time after a weeks holiday back to his usual school so who knows what this will bring.

Remember that feeling the first day  your child starts high school.  Nervous, can’t eat, can’t sleep? I’ve been there but times that by 100 and you are scratching the surface on an autistic child starting a new school.  Its normal to feel anxious at times like that but autistic children suffer anxiety on a level you cannot begin to understand unless you live it.