This week i’ve had the soul crushing job of filling in Reilly’s DLA forms as he turns 5 on the 29th July.  Many of you will be lucky enough not to have to set eyes on these forms.  I despise them.

Cant be that bad surely?  Yes it can.  It took me around nearly 4 hours over 2 days to fill them in and that was nearly 4 hours of thinking about all the things Reilly can’t do or has difficulty with.  There are no positives to think about just a stark reminder that my boy is very different to others.  I hate negativity there’s no place for it in my life, I like to be positive  so it’s a hard task for me to complete but i’m the girl for the job.

There are around 70 questions with subset questions with ticky boxes attached.  All of which I tick with force like my pen has ran out even though it hasn’t, it makes me feel better and then have to explain my reason with all the gory details.

NO he can’t walk safely near a road.  NO he doesn’t interpret dangerous situations.  NO he can’t ask for instructions. NO he can’t write.  NO he can’t speak.

YES he is prone to unpredictable behavior.  YES he gets anxious.  YES he has to be restrained sometimes.  YES he gets up in the night.  YES he might harm himself.  YES he can be destructive.

You get the picture.  It makes me feel thoroughly depressed by the time i’m finished and I have to sit with a cup of tea and think about all the brilliant things he does so well.

Anyway enough of my moaning there are about 20 million people wishing they were in my position so I can’t dwell it, I have friends who have it way worse than me and that’s where my kick up the bum kicks in but it still really pisses me off everytime.

May be my motto but it certainly doesn’t hold hands with DLA forms.