Anyone else’s husband or partner an absolute dick when it comes to DIY?  He’ll read this -I’m not bothered.

Shane’s Mam has bought Reilly as early birthday present, he is 5 on the 29th.  Partly to save my sanity and stop us from having to wander quite so often, i’m not sure my back can take the piggy backs.  My friend Coleen saw me the other day and said I passed her house and was actually walking with my eyes shut and looked like the most tired person she’d ever seen.  Walking with my eyes shut – bit like walking with dinosaurs but heavier.

Anyway an enormous swing, slide and see saw set from Smyth’s was collected today and they went straight into the garden to put it up regardless of the rain, Reilly loves the rain and he loves a screwdriver in his hand so he’s happy.

1 and a half hours later and its not fitting together.  I have never in my life heard so much swearing, grumping and miserable bastardness in all my life.  The neighbours will think we are complete clampitts or even more so than usual.

Go in the house if you’re just going to stand there.  Don’t you speak to me like that you utter tosser.  Back and forth like a Wimbledons singles match.

Turns out they have sent a wrong joining piece, which I just so happen to spot so it was never going to work regardless of which way round it went.

Poor Reilly is sat waiting expectantly for this thing to go up while Shane has had to wing it back to Smyth’s before it closes queue more grumping.  I just hope to Jon Snow they’ve got the right piece in when he gets there.

I’m one for picking my battles and this wasn’t it.  Putting a swing up probably doesn’t constitute a decent excuse on the divorce forms but jesus it must come close.