Reilly’s had a great day! I’m so pleased as I get so nervous about how he will be with others out and about.   He’s been on about 7 buses all over North Tyneside with his grandad and his old folks bus pass totalling 3.5 hours travelling time. He’s becoming a bit of a celebrity and was recognised again while out and about.

Meanwhile we have been for a meeting this morning to sign the papers to get Alphabetically Autistic up and running.  It’s an exciting time  I feel like i’m  helping to build something very positive that will help parents, grandparents and siblings along the way.

We have added some more features to Alphabetically Autistic which includes a Dad’s only meeting group and also photography sessions.

Did you know I’m nifty with a camera and have shot many weddings?  I once took Reilly along to my friend and amazing photographer’s studio Richard Hanley Photography to see if it was possible to get some shots of Reilly.  I’ve assisted Richard on quite a few weddings and love his work, sadly he doesn’t do childrens shoots anymore but if you’re getting married he’s your man!   We did get some shots but by christ it was hard work, Reilly wanted to wander off, not look at the camera etc I felt under pressure and that was with a friend who wasn’t judgmental, not that Richard minded one bit that Reilly was a little difficult but I did, I was stressed to bits.  So I get how uncomfortable parents can feel taking their children to studios.  I don’t care if there’s stimming, crying, chewing or little accidents and I don’t care that it may take an hour to produce 3 shots.

How adorable are the 2 photographs of the little man on this post shot by Richard, Reilly’s always been cute as a button. Ps that’s not my arm in the photo below 😂

Great things to come from Alphabetically Autistic keep your eyes peeled.

Richard Hanley Photography