I despair at the state of my house.  It’s bad enough when the kids are at school but this week has brought it to a whole new level.

Toys that are usually restricted-ish to the conservatory have spread like the flu and are literally everywhere.  There is play doh in my knicker drawer and cars covered in toothpaste with toothbrushes down the toilet . Nothing has a battery in and Reilly tails me all day with a screwdriver to replace them with equally dead batteries  that he’s found in a drawer of things we keep and never use or need.  There should be tea towels in that drawer but seriously who has tea towels when you mop up 20 spills and floods a day, yesterday I moved onto using the beach towels from our holidays for a particularly bad 6 pint semi skimmed milk slick.  I even used a sock yesterday for the cracked egg because i’d run out of cloths.  I also have a lovely cover from The Lion King 2 dried to my conservatory floor.

Garden is just as bad,  he loves his new slide and swings but he now uses the slide to send a skateboard down to crash into a bucket of stones he’s gathered from the garden which explodes on my decking.  Do I stop him? Do I hell because it provides 10 minutes peace to tackle the  the mix of milicano, sugar, gravy granules and an egg including shell hes added to the jug from the blender (no base unit attached to avoid removing fingers).   I made a sneaky cuppa this morning while he was outside and looked out the window to see him tinkling in the paddling pool.

I can’t hang clothes on the washing line because he pulls them off and puts them in the paddling pool and this morning he’s added a nutella sandwich to my load in the tumble dryer.  He’s emptied one box of coco pops onto the kitchen floor which I will allow him to hoover up with the hose because it will again buy me maybe 15 minutes.

I might treat myself and go for a poo.

What a great little helper – you got to laugh.  To the people with multiple ASD children I salute you.

5 weeks to go.  God help us.