Now i’m sorry if you are eating your breakfast and see a photograph of me approximately 30 seconds after giving birth, gas and air still firmly in my clutch.  I really love this photograph.  That’s relief on my face not pain.  Not the greatest of pregnancies and Reilly was brought into this world a little earlier for both our safeties.  I’m a lovely  shade of  dehydrated yellow due to a liver disorder which is also responsible for all the scratchy skin i’ve also got on display.  Not the best look to some, its a perfect one to me.

He is 5 today!  how did that go so fast on so little sleep? So  all day i’ve talked to Reilly about birthdays.  We’ve watched birthday party videos, looked at birthday cakes etc but I don’t think he gets it.  I have said to him, I would guess around 40 times “who is 5 tomorrow?” to be met with a hi-5 one to the palm one to the cheek as always.  Bless him maybe he does understand i’ve really no clue.

So the day is all about Reilly, later we will be taking him to his favourite place in the whole world Toys R Us and will let him run riot and choose his own presents. I shall make a prediction now of straight to the Thomas Trackmaster aisle for about 30 minutes of arranging them on the shelves then he’ll pick 2 trains and a track set quite possibly ones he already has, I might be wrong but I bet i’m not.   We’ll pick up a cake and he’ll blow out the candles and then runaway if we try and sing Happy Birthday.  He loves opening birthday cards and loves balloons so as long as we make it special for him and he’s happy, I can’t ask for more.

I’ve had my usual pissed off moments about not having a party etc but a swift kick up the jacksy and a reminder that those thoughts are to please a selfish me and not Reilly and I move on.  Reilly doesn’t care that we aren’t at (insert child party place here) and neither should I.

This outstanding little man has come such a long way and not without difficulty, I could burst with pride for him.

Happy Birthday Reilly Neil Stephenson.