An ode to Reilly’s busy day

The greatest sight that I ever saw
Was Reilly Neil Stephenson belting out snores
Sleepy and comfy smelling like a wet dog
I’m hoping and praying he sleeps like a log
Today he’s been dressed only from the waist up
He’s broken 2 dishes a plate and a cup
Hes been extra busy causing mischief and mess
He’s hidden my phone causing plenty of stress
His underpants are gone now a thing of the past
Its holidays thinks Reilly, Free Willy at last
He’s worked on escape plans for most of the day
But his escape to victory was foiled right away
He’s emptied my cupboards of cereal and rice
and built a food mountain perfectly precise
He lined up the shopping after I put them away
Hes ran back and forth on wrapping paper runways
Oh I’ve wished it was bed time since the little hand hit four
and 4 pints of semi skimmed white washed my floor
And now I lie watching him peaceful and sweet
I’m recharging my batteries for tomorrows repeat!!