Last night I posted to my Facebook asking if anyone had any links to hotels for a cheap overnighter.  I really need this at the moment but more importantly so does Ellis my Thing 2.  He’s almost 10 and is craving  time alone with his Mam.  I don’t think anyone can appreciate how difficult it is to keep a neuro-typical child topped up with much needed attention when you have an autistic child, especially in the school holidays. I’ve been known in the past to keep Ellis off school when Reilly is at school just so we can just go for lunch together.

I’m always on call, always on lookout for Reilly  he’s attached to me like velcro pretty much all of the time.  When Ellis tries to sit beside me Reilly will squash in the middle and scream in Ellis’s ear until he eventually gets sick and moves.  It’s so hard.  They don’t want to go to the same places which happens in all families I know but with this one there is no negotiation with Reilly and pretty much he always gets his way because Ellis will cave because he can’t stand the fallout and I feel so guilty.

What Ellis really loves is a night away with me, just locally.  We have tea, watch films, eat sweets and we sleep!

So imagine my shock this morning when my friends and legends Lesley & Jeff Armstrong rang me to say they have booked myself and Ellis into the Copthorne Hotel  in Newcastle tomorrow as a treat,  I’ve known Lesley & Jeff quite a few years I even took their wedding photographs complete with their fabulous Border Falcons and Sheikh’s, I was bloody terrified!  

I never expected this.  I’m absolutely gobsmacked.  I have cried so much this morning because it is such a lovely gesture I just can’t quite get over it.  

There are good people in this world my faith has been restored.

An enormous thank you it is appreciated more than anyone will ever know I have one very happy little boy. xxx