I was just gearing myself up for the 25th viewing in 7 days of Alvin and the Chipmunks Road Chip when I got a message from my Mam.  It read ‘Get Reilly ready your Dad is going to take him out on the bus somewhere’ Pardon what?  I was off that settee quicker than Jack Flash and had his backpack packed and shoes on in about 60 seconds.  I love the little blighter to bits but when you get thrown a line like that one you can’t hang about. what will I do read a book, clean stuff, go to sleep, go out, sunbathe – possibilities are endless!


Reilly was happy to go because he knows my Dad will get on as many buses as he fancies and won’t moan about it whereas I always have something else to do or somewhere else to be.  I waved them off and then sat down on the settee looking about the living room to ponder what I should do with my surprise break.  Play-doh with bits of hair wrapped in it on the TV cabinet and half a Thomas track set up, Ive seen it worse so no need to rush and get tidied cough cough.  Conservatory looks like a Toys R Us typhoon has run through it which I simply brushed to the one side where the curtain hangs over the door more so you can’t really see it.  Opened the garage door which has never contained a car, just boxes of crap that no-one wants but can’t be bothered to take the tip, mountains of tumble dryer fluff and a defrosted ice lolly –  stayed in there just long enough to grab the strawberry sorbet out the freezer then quickly shut the door again, not today garage.

So I sit eating strawberry sorbet and not doing the online shopping as requested by the husband because quite frankly I despise it but it’s better than taking Reilly shopping in person.  I cooked Shane some sausages last night for tea, Reilly grabbed a bowl and scooped up the dish water and added to the frying pan they were like broiled, soapy half cooked turds.  I switched off the gas and pondered what else to make him.  I needn’t have worried Shane said and I quote ‘nowt wrong with that man’ and proceeded to drain them off and refry them.  Absolutely disgusting.

I’m a little bit lost when I’m on my own but i’m not complaining I might even make a cup of tea without having to shield my cup from Reilly the Destroyer and catch up on Secret Agent or I might clean the bathroom, choices choices.

The moral to this story is have some downtime where you can.  It might be another fortnight before you get some.  Have a cuppa – stuff the washing!