Today is Shane’s birthday he’s 44!  I even let him sleep in our bed last night with Reilly while I slept downstairs with my stupid cough. He’s so lucky.

Team Stephenson we are.  He’s not bothered that it’s his birthday and there’s no swanky present, he’s one of the least selfish people I’ve ever met.  EVERYTHING he does in this life is for us.  He works like a beast usually 7 days a week to keep a roof over our heads. We’ve supported each other through some really dark times.

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Don’t get me wrong he drives me insane, like literally around the bend (as I do him) with his grumping on and hopeless banter but as I was looking for old photo’s of him today (we’ve known each other most of our lives, apparently he fancied me at school which I very much doubt as I looked like a boy with a perm and pink lipstick) I found this poem that I wrote for our wedding in 2009.

I cannot believe how lucky I am to have a partner such as you

To bond in pure togetherness, happiness way overdue

I feel that now I can go on I am loved and I am needed

My perfect man no caution signs or warnings to be heeded

You make me feel so happy so fulfilled so content

You are strong and you are loving surely others will resent!

I think about our future and what it’s written in our stars

Happiness, fulfilment and a good life will be ours

I love you systematically without thought without pretense

I love you in a new way which is unbridled and intense

I thank you for the way you are and sharing yourself with me

Your wifey and your soulmate I’ll forever always be.

Christ on a bike I must have really liked him!  If I were to write one now it would be something like this….

Oh Shane of course there are no pairs of socks, you should know this by now

No I don’t know where your shoes are and no I’m not a silly cow

He’s an absolute godsend to me and our lads.  Our lives are HARD but we are The A Team for The A Word.  He is incredibly protective and one of the most decent men I have ever met.  So with that I want to say a big Happy Birthday to Shane he’ll probably read this while on the toilet at work making it so much less romantic but hey the thought is there. We Love you Fluffer x

Look at those pre Reilly stress free faces!  He was definately punching though.