After a stressful morning playing Columbo and not much sleep we decided to make hay while the sunshines and pay a visit to Exhibition Park in Newcastle with Reilly.  I was astonished to find that when we turned into the same road that houses the RVI hospital Reilly didn’t get anxious.  Usually approaching this part of Newcastle City centre he has a wobble.  Obviously a throwback to his treatment there a couple of years back.   We also met some great people in terms of autism understanding.


He loves watching the skateboarders icecream in hand, me not so much.  I fell off one when I was 30 trying to be a cool Mam and broke my leg in 4 places so I ushered him past quite quickly, I don’t mind him sitting on one in our living room but thats as far as it goes.

I love Exhibition Park filled with people lying around sunbathing and eating picnics and Reilly thoroughly enjoyed playing in the park, walking round the lake and a quick nosey inside the Wylam Brewery the young lady behind the bar was fab with him sat at his barstool when we explained we were just in to settle Reilly’s curiosity.  Ill be back though minus kids because it looks tremendous! The food, the drinks – everything!

Next we went to the Hancock Museum.  I was a bit scared i’m not going to lie.  I swerve places where a scene is inevitable but it was literally 10 steps away and we thought we would give it a try.  The lady on the desk told us that there are autism sessions where they open early and its not so loud etc and passed on the details for the lady to arrange attending, I like that, I like inclusion.  I want him to see T-Rex bones and pieces of ancient Egypt it’s part of childhood!

Unfortunately he had one favourite place in the museum, my least favourite place and I had to sit next to them for too long.  He loved the snakes!!  

All I could see was Harry Potter bricking it once the glass smashed! god I hope he’s not fluent in Parseltongue.  I already resemble Snape on most days I can do without any other similarities.  I’m in Gryffindor all day never a Slytherin. 


He loved it and stayed way longer than we anticipated.  Homebound and a stop in at Sainsbury’s at Gosforth where it was no problem for Reilly to continually put his card in the card reader and the lady behind the counter couldn’t have been nicer.  Success.



Great day out.

Home, naked, watching Thomas and bouncing on the bed for the rest of the afternoon (Reilly not me). Hoping for an early night and a shirtless Poldark.

Loved today more like this please.