Great afternoon with Reilly today.  Im seeing such an improvement in his social skills.  Not that long ago he would growl like a lion at anyone daring to glance in his direction.

Out the taxi from school and straight into my across the road neighbour’s for a look upstairs, play in the conservatory and help with the hoovering.  It’s a good job they read this blog and understand lol.

Working out how much I had in my purse and whether I could handle the bus stop shenanigans today I decided I would go visit my friends the Travelling Willbury’s Clare & Dave in their new home in the next estate, (had no idea what number but had seen a photo so just thought we would wing it, would just blame Reilly for ringing the wrong doorbell).

Their son Hadyn is just a few months younger than Reilly and their last encounter saw Reilly lock him in our conservatory.  Not today though Reilly was super social, playing with toys, holding Hadyn’s hand, by choice and leading him around the house looking for mischief – absolutely brilliant to see.  I only saw a flicker of a reaction to Dave’s cough and he moved on.  He also asked for Dave’s hand to go upstairs.

Massive improvements from my little man!   Hadyn was a little unsure at first when Reilly didn’t reply to any of his questions but this didn’t deter him and I quote:

Because Reilly hasn’t found his voice yet he can share his.  

Trust me he has plenty to go round so i’m happy to take the spares lol.  The featured image for this post is them as littlies,  still makes me laugh years on.

Children are so inquisitive about Reilly.  We really need to get to work with Really Reilly and get it into primary schools as soon as possible.

It’s amazing to see Reilly interacting for years he stood on the sidelines and just kept himself to himself.  But I see a different Reilly emerging.

Currently in bed in full uniform and shoes watching Thomas.  Life of Reilly that lad!