Well after dreading the week off with Reilly its been an absolute breeze! I’ve seen such an improvement with him this week.  We’ve hardly crossed the doors as he has hidden my shoes every morning.  I’ve spent most days ‘super parenting’ cough cough talking to Reilly and practising taking turns, this is not one of his fortés and i’m already super.

They are focussing on 4 makaton signs at school and i’ve used the same ones with him. Hi, bye, more and help.  Today he independently did the sign for help and made a ‘h’ sound.  He was missing the final piece of his jigsaw.  Over the moon.


He has escaped twice in the nude this week but not got past next doors drive, luckily. Just like a little feral child who has just legged it out of the amazon after 5 years raised by animals.

Today was a major breakthrough though when my hairdresser came to our house to cut mine and Ellis’s hair.  Last time he got that angry/frustrated/scared not sure which that I had to leave my house and drive to Chloe’s.  He spent over an hour trying to get his battery operated Thomas trains stuck in his curls while screaming like a banshee.  This was at the sight of scissors.  Reilly handled it like a boss stealing all 3 of Chloe’s combs and getting them stuck in his own tatty barnet. No crying. no meltdowns he was brilliant.   Just so you know Ellis says I look like a 50 year old Katy Perry with my new do.  I’ll take that.

He is currently sat eating pizza, in a cap! this never happens! He is loving a Margherita pizza hallelujah something different to chicken nuggets and he has something on his head!  Who is this new child?

I am sat typing waiting for the shouts from Shane upstairs when he sees the new sharpie drawings all over our wardrobes and mirror.  Today i’m doing an Elsa and i’m letting that shit go.  Choose your battles – a sharpie pen isn’t it.

In other news we had our first parent’s session for Alphabetically Autistic this week and it was great! Can’t wait for the next one on Tuesday.