Christ on a bike he never fails!

Luckily he’s been out with his grandma this afternoon for a blustery walk along the beach to give me a teeny bit of peace.

Sleep the last 2 nights has been all over the place still bouncing and laughing at nothing at 11pm, lights on lights off, sheets on sheets off, pillowcases on pillowcases off, DVD on DVD off I don’t really need to go on do I?

This is current ReillyCam….


He’s not being propelled across the room by a spook he’s just behaving like an absolute radgie tonight.

He has ran non-stop up and down the living room for 1 hour shrieking at top of his voice.  Coincidence? I think not. Damn you big moon!!  He has also made a new dish worthy of the masterchef finals. Cube de la OXO avec heinz jùs.  I’m allergic to both so i’ll give it a miss and the smell the microwave omitted when attempted to cook it will stay in my nostrils forever.


Look at that face though! I LOVE to see him happy and if i’m sitting on the bedroom floor another 2 hours then so be it.  Apologies to the neighbours who are probably having a wobbler seeing it through their twitchy curtains (Max & Elaine) hehe.