Let’s go to the park and the beach he says (Shane).  It’ll be fine it’s not that cold, Ellis can ride his segway on the promenade we’ll get some chips.  Anyone who knows me knows i’m not outdoorsy.  A walk around Plessey Woods is more of a punishment to me than an jolly outing, I decided though you know new year new me let’s do it.

Wrong decision.

We just arrived at Blyth Park when the heavens opened.  That means nothing to my children though who seem to have no thermostat and will happily play outside in sub zero temperatures wearing shorts.  Reilly was unimpressed with the fact that everything was wet and did say urgh at every swing and slide we got to.

We ventured further along to Blyth Beach to get some chips only it was shut and was just as freezing.  Ellis’s segway travelled approximately 12 metres before conking out and had to be carried back to the car, equivalent of carrying a baby elephant.  Did manage some nice photographs though so the hell was worth it.  I’ll probably attempt in again maybe in July.

Onwards home and the kids want a McDonalds, that’s ok we can do that, not me (new year new me = NO Mcdonalds).  I was unaware of the thing that Reilly does when he is with Shane.  Basically you cannot touch his food or happy meal box, not at all.  He opens the box and then arranges the fodder on napkins.  What did I do?  Christ on a bike he screamed the place down.  Ellis was crying mortified by his  behaviour while I stare at the box I just opened which has now become extremely offensive to Reilly and I was actually scared to move it, pick it up or even look at it for fears of making the situation worse.

Eventually Shane went to the counter and bought another happy meal which Reilly opened and arranged like he wanted to with the first one and all calm was restored.  So strange.  Reilly doesn’t do this when he is with me but I suppose that is a classic example of flexibility of thought which is one of the main diagnostic criteria.  He does it that way with Shane and it can’t be done any other.

Home now but not Shane.  Reilly wouldn’t come in so he’s off walking the streets with him.  Poor Bugger.  Roll on Tuesday folks get them back to school.

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