New Years Eve and myself and Shane have just arrived home from a beautiful Thai meal in Newcastle.  Granda Ken let us out for a few hours as we have had literally no time for adult conversation over the holidays.  I love to be child and responsibility free even if it is just for a little while, I see glimpses of my old self and I put clothes on and makeup so it was definitely a special occasion.

As we were leaving Town there were hundreds of families all gathering to watch the parade, I had to give myself a little kick as I started to think oh we should be doing that, carrying flasks and eating chips with wooly hats on getting excited for the fireworks and dancers.  Thats what Iwant to do, Reilly doesn’t give a flyer.  Its cold, dark, busy and smelly, must try harder to stop putting my ideals onto Reilly.

Over the last couple of weeks i’ve seen a much better relationship developing between Ellis and Reilly.  Ellis has been helping him more and engaging him in some play, tickling him, stupid voices etc which Ellis has never really bothered with before so that makes me happy.

In the last year we have seen Reilly start a new school and handle it like a boss.  He is trying to communicate so much more and now copies sounds, he’s always copied sneezes and coughs but now he’s moving forward with sounds and I actually feel like his speech will come.  He looks intently at my mouth when i’m making sounds and you can see him trying to form the same shapes.

He is a little more sociable than he was last year and people can actually visit us without fear of being pushed back out the door or screamed at for the duration.

He’s been abroad, yes it was stressful, yes I said I would never do it again but the truth is currently am looking at holidays for next winter.  Point is I NEVER thought I could do a foreign holiday with Reilly.  We did it, we survived and maybe if it had only been for 7 days he would have been great.

We will spend tonight like we always do on New Years Eve doing absolutely nothing in particular.  To be honest I like it like that!

I have high hopes for us in 2017.  I am blown away by the interest and support that is shown towards Reilly.  We try really hard, we struggle really hard and we do our best – I can’t ask for anything more (other than more childcare and maybe a cleaner).

I hope you will continue to follow his adventues in 2017.  2017 will see Reilly with his new support dog and i’m sure that will be an adventure all on its own.

Thankyou for reading The Life of Reilly and can’t wait for Alphabetically Autistic to bring the stage plays etc to you all in the new year.

Happy New Year xx