All I need all not too bad today.  8.30 wake up call which was way better than expected. I spent most of last night binge watching series 1 of Grantchester and getting presents sorted.  Shane has man flu and was banished upstairs too.  3 cups of tea in peace I had!!  Bliss I love Christmas Eve way more than Christmas Day which I always feel is a bit deflating.

Anyway Reilly got lots of presents but had spent most of the day riding our sweeping brush as a horsey or trying to ride Ellis’s Segway.  He has a new bubble lamp which has a new addition other than the fish.


No fear Reilly is terrifying me with his Segway antics. Ellis is under strict instructions to never leave it unattended. God knows Reilly doesn’t need any help to go any faster.

He’s done well this morning considering all of our visitors but has insisted on opening EVERYONES presents.  Dinner was cooked at my Mam’s and myself and Ellis went there for dinner and brought Shane and Reilly’s home. Not ideal but necessary in the circumstances. Poor Shane has just returned from a freezing cold Blyth beach to run off some of Reilly’s simmering meltdown. Tiredness, a touch of cold and a bit overwhelmed he’s done for today and poor Shane is having dinner on his knee watching Shrek the Halls.  Is it over yet?

I cant wait for Reilly to go to sleep so I can have a go of my new makeup. Shane did well this year. I’m a make do kind of girl. I’ve  recently gone from scraping my rimmel hide the blemish with my finger to using the pointy bit of a pen top. Sad I know. My only brush is my right index finger used for every product. So watch this space. Maybe he’s telling me something ….