Had a 50/50 day today.  Me Shane and Reilly went up to the shops to get some outside Christmas lights.  Didn’t give a thought to Santa’s House on the way into the shops.  Huge queue outside which Reilly pushes past and proceeds to sit in the sleigh and rattle the door to get inside.  All the kids who have stood canny waiting looking at him like he just stole Christmas. 

When the door opened he darted straight in and shut the door behind him.  God knows what Santa thought.  Parents at the front of the queue were lovely when we explained.  
Now anyone who saw a frazzled mam trying to stop Reilly climbing the fence to climb up the indoor Christmas tree –  that was me. . I was also the frazzled mam who was trying to get him off the ground in another shop surrounded by plastic sodding Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig eggs because quite frankly we can’t sit and open them all.  

Calm restored a quick nip to McD’s and then my favourite bit.  Our friend Kim has planted a Christmas tree in her garden to place baubles in memory of lived ones with proceeds from donation going to our North East Hearts with Goals charity! I bought some special ones and took Reilly to place them on the tree.

Lovely way to round off a stressful day he even went in Kim’s house and stroked Buttons the cat. Had to bribe him out with the promise of a new jigsaw.  Santa’s sack being emptied daily at this rate.  Cough cough.