We’ve been to Reilly’s nativity play this afternoon.  It’s broken me.  

I must admit before we went in I was thinking no way will the kids get on stage and do what they’ve been rehearsing to do.  I was wrong,  I underestimated these incredible children. 

I wish I could share footage of it but I can’t.  It’s just for the people in that room to treasure.  The room was filled with hearts full of pride,  wide smiles and glassy eyes. 

Reilly made his appearance right at the end as they payed homage to Christmas around the world. He was Israel he led his Donkey on stage then rode around the stage like a king and I had a little cry. I absolutely loved it.  I kept glancing at Shane whose face mirrored mine. 

Outstanding job pupils and staff at Benton Dene.  Performing like that is such a huge deal to these little ones.  The people,  the lights,  the stage,  the sound.  Just perfect, bit like the man himself.