When Reilly met Santa 

Did some Christmas prep this afternoon with Reilly by taking him to see Fenwicks window in all its Beatrice Potter finery.  Ellis missed this trip out claiming our outing to be utter crap.

We got out the car which was parked behind the City Hall and just emerging from the side door was the finest Santander I’ve ever seen!!  Unsure Reilly kept walking but changed his mind a little further down the street and went back.  Santa swiftly dropped his tab and beckoned Reilly to come closer asking if he’d been a good lad this year in broad geordie.  I gave him the he can’t talk whisper and I saw a little glint in his eye that he keeps for special occasions then proceeded to tell me his grandson is autistic too. Gutted no photo but not something I’d cajole Reilly into he leads the way on who gets in his personal space not us. 

Reilly s interest lasted approximately 20 seconds before he attempted a stage invasion via the side door. 

Rounding the corner onto Northumberland Street all the lights were on and a bloke playing careless whisper on his trumpet,  perfection! there was a massive queue to see Fenwicks window no way were we standing in that so we nestled in a tiny gap that had formed while another family were delayed moving on with excess ooohing and ahhhing. 

Face flat against the window he took in the scene long enough for me to take a photo and he was off.  Zero interest.  
Such a good lad though today despite a couple of breaks for freedom trip was a success.  Even a look in the Disney Shop and left without a purchase! 

Visiting a reindeer is next on the agenda.  Slowly slowly catchy Christmas. 

Published by

Christine Stephenson

Really busy mam who runs her own charity, has 3 sons and learning about autism every day. Contact me at reillycic@gmail.com

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