Well i’m back i’ve been AWOL for approximately 2.5 hours.  Reilly as per usual did not want to come in from school.  He had a huge screaming fit, got outside lay on the path and the likes so I wrapped him up in his big (filthy covered in ice cream coat not his nice Barbour one) and took him for what I thought was a jaunty walk and a bit of a wander.  I was equally as unappealing in my coat also covered in ice cream but its warm so doesn’t matter right?


I ended up on Reilly’s favourite bus the X8 going to Newcastle, minging, no makeup and hair like a haystack.  It’s ok though I thought he’ll just stay on it and come straight home.  I can sit on a bus for an hour with no phone, no problem.  Did he stay on the bus?  Did he bugger.  He joined a queue for a double decker to come home but the concept of waiting for the driver wasn’t cutting the mustard with Reilly and I went from hood holding, piggy backing and carrying him to stop him running off while we waited the 7 minutes for the driver to finish his pie or whatever he was doing.  Just as the bus doors opened and people began to file on Reilly takes off.

Legging it through Marksys like his life depended on it.  Lightly brushing past the valentines displays of prosecco and chocolates as he went.  Laughing at the top of his voice. The mixture of my big, icecream covered winter coat, running after Reilly and the bright lights start to make me feel a bit panicky. My trousers a s always are hanging down like a gang members from L.A. but I catch him just as he’s about to get in the lift.

Oh come on Reilly let’s go and get the bus and go home for a kinder egg, pizza, drink, build a track, do you wanna build a snowman?  Anything to get him out.

If he could speak I imagine he said get stuffed loser and wriggled out my grasp and we were off again.  I knew where he was headed, my worst nightmare.  Fenwicks Toys a) i’m skint and b) it’s horrific.

We got in the lift with a couple of beautifully dressed young men.  I glanced in the massive mirror and was instantly aware of how rough I was looking and the hem was down on my trousers.  Reilly pressed every button on the way up opening and shutting the doors and pointing at the uncomfortable young lads shouting toooo at them.  To tired to explain.

After attempting to carry the largest Hot Wheels set to the counter about £80 and me putting it back 5 times he gave in.  He lined up some Thomas trains and ran away from Peppa Pig.  He decided on some Finding Nemo Mashems and 2 tiny minions figures thankfully in the sale.

Now Fenwicks isn’t contactless.  If it was I’m laughing Reilly beeps the device and then claps as he’s such a good lad.  Inserting cards and punching numbers is a whole new ball game that always ends in huge radges and my card almost in two. Lad on the till was lovely thankfully and didn’t mind the repeated attempts to get it right.

A more controlled walk through Marksys back for the bus, dying for a wee but not a chance on gods earth was I attempting that.  The bus is there in the stand HURRAH.  I flash my return ticket. No Christine Reilly isn’t having that he wants to pay and because I am that stressed, hot and tired I give him a 50p and ask the driver to let him put it in the 50p holder.  Bus ride home was perfect he snuggled into me kissing my cheeks for the whole journey, back seat left corner 😉  SO we are home.  He’s eating a pizza and watching a Thomson 767 being spray painted for the 20th time.

So how was your day?