A couple of weeks ago I shared a blog about how I was expecting a do you know this woman video to go viral after trying to remove Reilly from Whitley Bay metro station.  Today we decided we would make his dream come true and actually go and get on one, 2 man job obviously. 

He was so excited to just be on the platform. I was having palpitations when he got more than 2 steps away from me, even worse at monument metro in the way home, everything I hate – underground, too busy, small platform, tunnel.  Fast pulse, dizzy head 😂 Yak.  

Anyway he absolutely loved the metro. He wanted to get off at every stop which he soon realised wasn’t happening and sat really canny looking out the window. Fave bits were the tunnels and he clearly says ‘tuh’ sounds when you go through them.

A quick scoot round the Disney Store WITHOUT PURCHASING ANYTHING! He’s more interested in the lift than the toys, so with the promise of an ice cream we left and headed to Creams.  

I have faced many challenges in my life. None of which compare to sitting in Creams while Shane has a white chocolate and raspberry crepe and Reilly has an oreo sundae. Damn you dairy freeness!! 

Again he did really well.  We were sat beside a glittery pillar which he liked the feel of so was happy standing stroking that. 

A pretty good day by all accounts. Roll on the school bus xx