I made a tongue in cheek video today about keeping the spark alive for valentines day.

Relationships are so hard when you have a child with additional needs.  I mean how desperate are you when you’re thinking maybe a split will let me sleep a few days a week?  Sleep deprivation is an absolute killer.  I have learned to function on very little sleep when I do get the opportunity my head is filled with horror stories of what is likely to go wrong over the next week, month, year, decade, you get the picture.

I work really hard on the charity North East Hearts with Goals and on Alphabetically Autistic, I update Frankie Sherwood’s twitter account @helpfrankie and I try my best to keep our washing baskets (all 4 of them) below half way, this is usually a fail.  The house is not as tidy as I would like it to be and I really must try harder.  I’m out of the house every night after school rambling with Reilly until its dark so don’t actually get that much time.  Shane is the physical grafter and money maker, he works every hour god sends to allow me to do these things that I love.   He’s gone by 6.30am and he sometimes isn’t home until after 7pm, is it any wonder we get ratty?  That’s not to mention the hours between tea time and bed time (if there is one) where it’s just utter carnage.

It’s easy to take snipes at each other.  Well I do this and you don’t blah blah blah but we are a team.  One doesn’t work without the other, both cogs might be stubborn and one a bit more worn than the other but they work well together……. most of the time.

It’s hard to find romance in a life filled with stress and zero minutes alone time so I was over the moon to get a text this morning from Shane today to say he has sorted a babysitter (my dad) on Friday afternoon so we can go to a restaurant that i’ve been dying to try.  Priceless.  Just a few hours of no responsibility for us is probably the equivalent to a night away for many.

Happy Valentine’s ❤️