I started this blog 1 year ago and this will be my 133rd post! I started the blog because I was sick to death of being looked at, tutted at, sneered at and smugged at every time I was out and about with Reilly. Seriously no one needs it least of all me.

I feel personally like the blog has done a good job. I know for a fact people I know have adjusted their attitudes in response to some of my past posts so high five for me! 

So I thought I’d give you my thoughts on the last year.  Do we need more autism awareness? I say yes there are way too many people who still have no idea what it is and how it affects families but more importantly than awareness is acceptance.  Autistic peeps are here and here to stay so let’s embrace that and make the world a bit more comfortable for them and their families.  It’s not a huge ask. 

My big revelation just dawned on me the other day, the answer like I’d found the holy grail. The problem is, of course people but put simply,  judgemental people have an inability to put the shoe on the other foot, that’s it. 

I analyse everything and everybody. If the resting bitch face new mam with her nimbus 8000 pram smugs me off in Manor Walks while Reilly is in meltdown I don’t just get aggravated in that moment, I think about it on the bus, in bed, next day.  Why did she feel she had to do that?, my baby will NEVER do that look on her face. The face of you are a failure. Why didn’t she just do the smile, the knowing smile.  I’ll tell you why because she can’t put the shoe on the other foot.  She is a dick. 

 If you can truly see what it’s like with the shoe on the other foot you instantly become less of a tosser. This applies to pretty much everything in life.  

Some people can perform this incredibly easy task others just can’t. I pity the ones that can’t.

  It is very important to remember though that sometimes in life people really are just arseholes – you’ll never figure them out because actually walking a mile in their shoes is pretty easy and scenic, they just don’t see it . 

Reilly has blown my mind in his achievements he has done things I never thought possible, I also have my family unit back as Ellis now prefers to stay at home and in fact hasn’t stayed at his granda’s for approx 3 months! So two big ticks beside Things 2 and 3.  I still walk around after school for 2.5 hours with Reilly, big cross beside that one, roll on the summer. 

I am just as stressed as I was 1 year ago, I still worry daily about if I die what impact that would have. Part and parcel of life I suppose and something we all think about, I guarantee us special needs parents will think it more.  I have a decent longstanding relationship with Prozac though and we won’t be parting company anytime soon. 

Next week will see The Life of Reilly play debut which is incredibly exciting, I know some of my very own one liners and scenarios are in there so will feel a little surreal to sit back and watch. 

Looking forward to the next year ahead and the changes it will bring.  I hope you will continue to follow us and Reilly’s new adventures with his dog, not be long.