I AM SO EXCITED FOR TONIGHT! First showing of The Life of Reilly.  I’ve not seen it or read the script but I know I have contributed to it with parts of this very blog and real life experiences of our journey so far with Reilly. 

I love everything about theatre, I’d take it over the cinema any day.  Years ago i got tickets under duress to go see Les Miserable in the West End in London.  I moaned all the way there and then was mortified to learn that it was all singing (true story – uncultured swine) after 15 minutes I was hooked. I could hardly breathe.  I left with mascara down my face, an emotional wreck  and a new love in my life.  

Obviously my theatre trips are few and far between because the recycling bin gets out more than me so this is such a treat tonight.  I can’t help but wonder what the possibilities are if the audience enjoys it.  Not just for the play but also for autism acceptance in general. Will it travel? Will we get to see Keith Duffy treading the boards in Ireland in the Life of Reilly or Tom Hardy in Hollywood 😀 who knows what’s around the corner but hopefully after tonight it’s a big group of less judgemental people with an air of autism acceptance about them. 

Good luck to all the actors tonight. 

See you later, your support means the world to me x 
(Phoenix Theatre in Blyth, 7.30 you can pay at box office tonight)